beerhaus bavaria

Meet Beerhaus Bavaria, The Best German Food In Pretoria


We went exploring around the outer rim of Pretoria East and came back with good news. Here’s our uber-interesting review of Beerhaus Bavaria… Well, at least we think it’s interesting. 

beerhaus bavaria

You know, every now and then a restaurant comes along that just does things a little differently. Sure, we’ve all heard promises of the “best burgers in town” or “ribs that you’ll sell your mother for”, but those types of restaurants come and go as quickly as their promises are made.

With that said, let me introduce you to my new favourite beer house locked in the east of Pretoria. Meet Beerhaus Bavaria. An eatery that delivers on its promise of good, authentic German food. The spot is situated in the Boardwalk Office Park in Faerie Glen, and its waterfront facade is an ideal spot to grab lunch on a sunny day. The vibe is super-relaxed and they have ample of space inside if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

But let’s cut to the chase. How’s the food? Well, it’s pretty damn good, and it takes an ample amount of effort to draw that reaction from a self-proclaimed foodie such as myself. If the food was not good or they went off track by not sticking to “authentic German” then this review would not have been written in the first place. Let’s dig in, so to speak. Sticking to Deutschland tradition, Beerhaus Bavaria serves an array of wursts, cold meats, platters and meatballs… And yes, most of it comes with real mustard – not that egg-yolk-coloured stuff you get at the fish and chips shop. Beerhaus Bavaria also serves life-sized pretzels that are made in-house.

But how is the eisbein? This is the real test for any eatery who claims to serve German food. As for Beerhaus Bavaria, the eisbein is delicate and decadent and big enough to feed two guys before a rugby match. You can choose from cherry, fig or mustard glaze (I think) for the eisbein. Like most of the mains, it comes with two sides to choose from, which consist of potato salad (the best I’ve ever had), sauerkraut and/or chips. Other menu items that stand out are the cold smoked bacon and avo burger (it’s a monster and a half), the stalwart chicken schnitzel, and the beef rouladen (just ask if they have this one, as it was on special at the time of writing).

beerhaus bavaria

And with regards to the “beerhaus” part of their name – they wear the title well. With both local and international award-winning beer, Beerhaus Bavaria has enough golden liquid to satisfy the biggest of beer snobs – myself included.

But what matters most here are good food and good beer – which means we can’t wait for Oktoberfest to roll around. All in all, it’s the kind of restaurant you hang out at to have a good time and eat some great food. What’s there more to say than that?

By Shawn Greyling

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  • Ingrid Rothauge May 23, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    Hi Shawn,
    please correct your article to read Pretoria East (not North).
    Otherwise thanks for the write-up. Didn’t know about them yet and am looking forward to going there.
    Kind regards,


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