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A Review Of Kahvé Road


Restaurants within shopping centres don’t usually grab our attention, but when we received an invitation to visit the newly opened Kahvé Road, we had a feeling it wouldn’t be your regular, run-of-the-mill coffee spot. And, we were right.

Kahve Road 3

What used to be Coco Safar has been relaunched and rebranded as Kahvé Road. Still keeping with the retro chic coffee shop feel, we noticed a few changed to the décor – the space seems bigger, wood paneLling is being switched out for fabric and the menu has been shaken up.

We are thrilled to be launching the Kahvé Road brand and are excited about the next few months. Our team has been working around the clock to unveil our new and improved menu and will also be launching an exciting range of premium coffee and rooibos capsules in the coming months. Kahvé Road is a proudly South African brand that prides itself on providing customers with an unparalleled experience and we hope that you make yourself comfortable, order a cup of coffee and allow us to take you on a journey,” explains CEO of Kahvé Road, Rithen Ramel.

Still focusing on a premium coffee experience, an espresso comes with a tot of sparkling water – intended to cleanse your palate before the first sip so that you can better enjoy the taste of the espresso. If coffee isn’t your thing, you’ll still be spoilt for choice on the beverage front. Kahvé Road’s Red Rooibos flat white is made with a unique spice-infused rooibos blend, while their new Dark Road Milkshake is made with pure cocoa, homemade ice cream and roasted white chili chocolate. You’ll also want to try their cold brew range, which is brewed in-house with 100% natural ingredients – and comes as a pairing, if you really want to indulge.

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Moving on to the food, it’s classic café-style fare. We were torn between items from their all-day breakfast menu – which includes lemon poppy waffles with berry compote, crème fraîche, coconut sorbet, lemon curd and maple syrup, and a more traditional Croissant Benedict. However, it was the lunch menu that eventually won us over. We opted for their chicken, broccoli and mushroom pie – after seeing the golden homemade pastry, and a personal recommendation from the manager – it seemed like the obvious choice and the onion marmalade, feta and rocket open sandwich, with a small portion of Waldorf salad on the side.

The pie had a crisp, flaky pastry and was jam-packed with filling. A hearty meal on its own, it also came with a choice of sides, my partner choosing the shitake mushroom and roasted corn salad. For R79, it was a wholesome, filling meal.

I merged two half-portions of their vegetarian options to create one meal – and the open-faced sandwich was by far my choice of the two, also coming with grilled baby marrow strips, it was sweet, savoury and just delicious. It was my first time ordering a Waldorf salad, but I feel it’s simply not my type of salad. 

Kahve Road 4

Known for their patisserie and vienoisserie, we couldn’t leave without a sweet treat. We shared a selection of delights from their display cabinet, with highlights of a lime curd meringue and rose macaron. I also ordered a chocolate croissant, made with chocolate pastry, filled with chocolate and drizzled with chocolate, and a sticky bun for breakfast the next morning. A great life choice, and one I would 100% make again.

As my partner indulged in the lion’s share of sweet treats, it gave me the opportunity to try one of their decadent-sounding milkshakes – and, I’ll admit, this was the only time I was disappointed in the meal. As coffee is their priority, the milkshake is made from a fresh, hot brew – which means it arrives watery and thin, as any trace of ice cream has been melted. The flavour was good, but the brûléed marshmallow that topped it was hard and chewy. We raised this with the manager, who knew it was something they had to work on, so we are looking forward to returning and seeing what changes have been made.

So, in short, would we return? Absolutely yes. For the food, pastries, sweet treats and coffee, definitely. It would be unfair to let one milkshake ruin an otherwise fantastic lunch. Whether it’s for an indulgent cup of coffee and treat on-the-go, or a hearty, value-for-money lunch, we’ll be back.

By Candice Bresler 

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