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Outdoor Gyms In Cape Town


Whether you’re looking at getting those biceps buffer for summer or simply want to work out with a view, Cape Town’s selection of outdoor gyms will make working out that much more fun. Let’s have a look at a few in your area.

Outdoor gym 1

Sea Point Outdoor Gym

Possibly the most well-known outdoor gym in the city, the promenade and Sea Point green belt has long been a favourite among families, tourists, children and couples who have jogged, walked and cycled with the fresh ocean breeze in their faces. The addition of an outdoor gym has turned this space into a complete fitness centre – with spectacular views to match.

Commenting on the addition of the equipment to the promenade, Beverley Schäfer, ward councillor for the Atlantic Seaboard says, “The Western Cape has been earmarked as the province with the highest level of obesity in the country, which motivated the premier to run a wellness drive to promote health consciousness and reduce the high levels of inactivity. The City of Cape Town knew that in order to secure the success of such a project, they would have to provide the public with an opportunity to address the issue, which lent itself to the idea of a free and accessible outdoor gym. We are also well aware that many individuals don’t have the means to afford gym memberships, and we believed that the outdoor gym would serve as a viable alternative. The Atlantic Seaboard is the easiest spot to place the outdoor gym, as the mindset of the people who live or visit here is already outdoor-orientated, and would therefore set the premise for other people to follow suit.”

You can find the Sea Point Outdoor Gym at the corner of Beach Road & Three Anchor Bay Road, or, visit one of the outdoor gyms below:

Chiphillside Park Outdoor Gym

Chiphillside, Retreat

Fort Road Park Outdoor Gym

Beach Road, Three Anchor Bay

Dan Pienaar Circle Park Outdoor Gym

Dan Pienaar Circle, Plumstead

Gregory Park Outdoor Gym

Corner Hampstead Road and Third Avenue, Harfield Village

Maynardville Park Outdoor Gym

Claren Road, Wynberg

Paradise Park Outdoor Gym

Corner Hiddingh and Alster Avenue, Newlands

Wicklow Road Park Outdoor Gym

Wicklow Road, Plumstead

By Candice Bresler

Know of other outdoor gyms not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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