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A Fanatic’s Guide To Dunkin’ Donuts


I was admittedly one of the first hundred in the queue when Dunkin’ Donuts opened (I get a free donut and coffee every week for the next 6 months). Having tried their adversaries in Johannesburg, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try these.  


Now the great thing is, the flagship store is based in the northern suburbs (think Goodwood, Edgemead, Plattekloof; for those who still don’t know, it’s past Canal Walk). So for once, people in the northern suburbs got to try something before folks in the CBD or Southern Suburbs. Don’t worry, however Dunkin’ Donuts has plans to launch more stores: one in Tyger Vally, one in Canal Walk and one in the CBD.

In terms of their product offering, browsing through their Facebook page shows that one or two aren’t happy with the lack of pumpkin spice lattes but I’m not complaining. It is my belief that when starting a franchise it’s best to go slow with all the original offerings, before adding in seasonal extras.

The donuts

In my personal capacity as a self-declared, professional donut eater: I think that the donuts are amazing.  I have, in all likelihood, tried the vast majority of filled donuts (I left the jam ones for my dad) and there are no complaints on my side. My elderly relatives find it a bit sweet and the lemon meringue a bit tart for their liking but I’m all about that sugar love.

Despite The fact it has been open for about a month; no matter what time you head there, there will be a queue. Some people can’t believe why others actually queue for these delicious little treats, I say those people have never had a caramel filled donut or a rocky road donut (which are always the first to go).


Dunkin’ has an original blend coffee which isn’t too bad, but I’m not really a warm beverage person. Their Frozen Dunkaccinos are amazing, there are two options: Dark Chocolate or Caramel. I personally love the caramel because it’s caramel. They also offer a range of Frozen drinks called Coolattas. I’ve only ever tried – and loved – the mango Coolatta. It is basically a mango slushie which is going to honestly save so many people as we enter into our hot summer months.


Dunkin’ does have a limited food menu offering, which they’ve divided (on their online menu) into AM and PM offerings. I have tried the Wake-Up Wrap with hashbrown, eggs, and cheese. I enjoyed it but then again it isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Overall, I am a fan of the Dunkin’. I will in all likelihood be there every week or so and paying off those visits with intense cardio sessions… but it’s worth it.

By Mishka

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